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Update after Ethiopian Court

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We’re back from our Ethiopian court date! Legally Asher and Levi are ours and they are Tan’s, according to the Ethiopian Court! It was heartbreaking but we had to leave them in Ethiopia and can come back to pick them in 1 to 3 months after they clear the US Embassy, and get US citizenship, US Passports and get medically cleared by US Embassy doctors. After that they will give us the word and we will go pick them up!

It’s hard to sum up the trip, but we will try! First, Asher (approximately 3 years old) is wearing 12 month clothes! He is so tiny! Levi (11 months old) is wearing 6 to 9 month old clothes. Both are small, but they are very happy kids!  They definitely know they are brothers, and they like to spend time together, and Asher likes to take care of Levi! It’s too cute!

Asher is a ball of energy. He is a non-stop play till you drop kid. He sings and dances all the time. When we first got to the orphanage they told him we were adopting them and he ran up, jumped into our arms, and gave us kisses. We were so happy to see him attach to us very quickly. He quickly started calling us Papa and Mama. He called Dave “Abba”, which is Ethiopian (and Hebrew) for “daddy.”

Levi is a very happy and easy going baby. He scoots on his belly but he doesn’t crawl yet. But he can pick himself up and stand very well.  He is still a formula only baby.  But after a week with us, both Levi and Asher gained three pounds each!  It’s amazing what food, not from an orphanage, will do for these kids!!

Court went very well, thankfully. All of the paperwork was in order and it went well, and as of Friday June 14th, we officially and legally adopted Asher and Levi Tan!  We are just waiting on the embassy to pick them up.

So please pray for us as we wait and prepare!   We are trying to get the last of the things we need to be 100% ready to bring them home!  It’s really tough for us, and for them back in Ethiopia, coming together as a family, and then having to be apart for the next few months! Our hearts are with our children back in Ethiopia. Please pray for us as we wait to bring them home, which is hard. Pray for them to stay healthy and happy until we can pick them up!

-Dave & Mica


Ethiopia Bound

Hello friends and family!
We begin our travel to Ethiopia Tuesday morning! We have a quick stop in Dubai and then we are off to Addis Ababa to meet our two boys!!!  After this court date and meeting them, we have to come back in several months to actually pick them up, because we have to wait for paperwork to go through, so please pray it will be a short wait til the return trip to pick them up!!
In addition to being super excited to meet the two new additions to the Tan Fam, Mica is excited to see all of her old friends in Ethiopia, and Dave is looking forward to being in Ethiopia for the first time and seeing the sights and sounds first hand!
We have our court date on Friday the 14th, and after that we expect to wait til August to hear back about our pick up date, hopefully in late August.
Here is what we can use prayer for!
1. Safe travels and no sickness! We have a 15 hour flight to Dubai, then 5 hours to Ethiopia. We’re hoping neither of us gets altitude sickness in Addis Ababa, because it’s 9000 ft high.
2. A smooth day in court, with no problems, no paperwork errors, and everything would go well and we can move along in the process to bring them home!
3. Prayer for us as we get to BE A FAMILY for the first time! Pray we can bond well as a family and start the whole process.
Thank you all so much for your love and support, and your prayers!!!
Dave & Mica

We have liftoff! Traveling to Ethiopia June 14th!!!

Hello again family and friends!

We want to say first how thankful we are for all of your prayer and support through this process! Now it finally speeds up! We just received word that we have a court appearance date in Ethiopia on June 14th!!

That means we will appear before an Ethiopian court and they will rule that we can adopt from Ethiopia! Shortly thereafter we can get a pickup date to travel AGAIN to Ethiopia in 4-8 weeks to bring them home!

We are SO excited to be able to meet the two boys! We can go to the orphanage and play with them, take pictures and videos, and when we get back we can actually legally share those pictures with all of you!

So we have a CRAZY two weeks ahead of us as we plan to travel to Ethiopia! Please pray for us as we prepare!!

Thank you all so much!

-Dave & Mica

Waiting for News

Hello friends and family!

Thank you so much for joining with us in prayer for a court date to come! We ask for you to continue in prayer as we wait. So here is what happened:

Monday apparently the birth parent court appearance went off without a problem. The judge did not issue us a court date to come travel that day or the day after, like we were hoping. It could come anytime…tomorrow…a month later…so PLEASE do join with us in prayer that we can hear tomorrow!

Our adoption agency said the e-mail servers and cell servers are down so they couldn’t reach their in country Ethiopian team…so perhaps we have good news waiting for us? We really don’t know.

We will update as soon as we have news…for now…we wait…

– Dave & Mica

Progress! Hoping to travel soon!!!

May 27th the birth parent who relinquished the boys because he was unable to care for them after their mother died has a court date with Ethiopia, to confirm that they are in fact orphans. After that, we will hear in one to four weeks that we have a travel date for court, and that travel date will be one to eight weeks later.  That is our court date to go before the Ethiopian court to petition to adopt the boys.
After our court date we will be approved to go pick them up in four to eight more weeks!! If all goes well we should have them as early as mid-summer, late as early fall.
So at BEST, which is what we are praying for, the judge will tell us the next day to come in a week. At the longest, which we hope not, the judge will tell is one month after the 27th, to come a month later.
For a while we were very discouraged to experience many delays, with paperwork mistakes, court shut downs, agency licensing renewals…MANY things that caused us months of delays. However, thank God, we’re at the end of the delays. Things should be moving quickly now that we have entered court.
After our court date we are going to be able to finally post pictures of our boys! We’re excited for everyone else to see Asher (3-4-ish years old) and Levi (9 months) old.
It has been such a wild ride, and we want to thank you all so much for your prayers and support! It’s still going to be quite an adventure, with short notices and no predictability, so we would greatly appreciate you’re continued prayers and support for us and our new family!
So here are some prayers:
– The birth parent court date would go well and be approved May 27th
– We would have a FAST court date for us scheduled and we can travel in June!
– There would be no barriers to keep us from our kids – no paperwork errors, no court closures, no random delays!
– That our boys would continue to grow and they can be healthy!

Prayer Requests and Adoption Update

Hello Friends and Family,

We wanted to take a moment to update everyone on our adoption!  We have been blessed to receive many pictures of our sweet boys in the past several months and we are anxiously awaiting meeting them very very soon.  We are projected to go to court during February and to pick them up about 6-8 weeks after that.  We have some prayer needs that we would really appreciate you lifting up alongside of us.


1)   Please pray for financial provisions.  We are awaiting word from two grants this month and are in need of these grants and funds for our adoption.  Pray that the Lord will continue to provide in awesome ways and that we will receive both grants. Thanks to all of you who have spread the word or donated this past year!

2)   For continued health and growth for our sweet boys!

3)    For our hearts and their hearts to begin and continue to mold into the family God desires for us to be.

4)   For our court date to come ASAP so we can meet Asher and Levi for the first time!

We are constantly amazed by how God has written our perfect adoption story.  I can remember dreaming of adopting when I was young and it amazes me how God put adoption on Dave’s heart as well.  We never imagined two years ago that we would get two kids let alone two sweet boys!  God has traveled with us every step of this journey and though these children were not ours to birth or ours to hold for the first moments of their life, God has held them, and we are thankful to have them on loan from HIM for as long as HE allows.  We find ourselves staring a their sweet pictures and dreaming of their personalities.  We cannot wait for you to meet them and for each of you to be a part of their life and journey!

We will update you soon hopefully with a court date! We love each and every one of you and praise God for your partnership in our lives.

***If you still would like to purchase some paracord please check out our fundraising link 🙂


We have a match folks :)

We’ve got a referral!  The very same day that our dossier was received by our new adoption agency, we got a referral call from the agency! We were completely shocked, and wonderfully surprised! Through this referral we became distinctly aware of why God had us wait until this moment for these precious kiddos.In our eyes they could not be more perfect.

We accepted two biological brothers, ages three years and two months!  We have chosen to give them American names of Asher (for the three year old) and Levi (for the 2 month old).  These names have significant meanings (which is very important in Ethiopian culture), and have roots in the bible, which we LOVE.

We officially accepted the referral and we are expecting to get a court date in the next several weeks to go to Ethiopia in February-ish. Mica is anxiously awaiting traveling back to her “second home” and seeing all of her friends and co-workers as we meet our children.  Dave is excited to see Ethiopia for the first time as we venture to meet our newest bundles of love. After our court date, we will return home for a few months before going to pick them up for good!

It has been SUCH a roller coaster of change. We went from waiting two years, to waiting four years, to changing agencies and waiting one year…and now we get to pick our children up this spring!  It’s been a wild ride but we wouldn’t change a thing. It has only built our confidence in the fact that God’s timing is perfect and our dreams are far less amazing than the ones God has picked out for us.

A million emotions run through us as we await doubling our family! We have longed for these children before we knew their names and before we ever saw their most precious faces.  God is an incredible artist and he has crafted the cutest two little boys we have ever seen.   As we reflect on our journey up until now, and look ahead at the journey that is in front of us, our hearts are full of gratitude and resounding PEACE.  We cannot wait for all God has in store!

PLEASE continue to join with us in prayer as we still have a journey and roller coaster ahead of us, and feel free to share encouragement, and tips as we continue on this journey.  We are so grateful that you are sharing in this with us!  We love you all so much!

Mica and Dave