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Monthly Archives: August 2013



It is incredible to realize that we are leaving in just 2 days to be with our kids for LIFE.  Every time I say it, write it, or think it, I am overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions and gratefulness.  We are so thrilled and yet still in disbelief that this journey wrought with waiting is coming to completion and that we get to start our new journey as a family. This waiting began for us over two and a half years ago when we signed the dotted line to begin our adoption.  But really it began in my heart over 17 years ago.  We serve an awesome God who is always in the business of teaching us, growing us, and using every moment…even the longest WAIT for a grand purpose.

This school year as I set out on a new adventure in junior high I shared my love of adoption and why I would be out for a bit with my students. I told them that I was their age when I knew I wanted to adopt for the first time.  This week, as I read their beginning of the year letters, one caught my eye and heart.  A young girl wrote of how she too heard about adoption recently and never though it was possible.  She wanted to do big things with her life but wasn’t sure she could do that or know that at her age, until we spoke in class.  I wept reading her letter.  I was her age when God first told me to adopt.  I was her age when I felt that same way.  It was one of those life in full circle moments.  God has used our waiting.  We have met people, shared stories, and deepened relationships that we never could have without it.

Throughout these past two and a half years we have been so grateful to the many friends and family members that have literally walked right beside us.  You have prayed with us, sat with us, cried with us, rejoiced with us, and made our story a  part fo your story and even your dinnertime conversations.  We are blessed to say the least.  Your prayers moved God’s heart and calmed ours on so many occasions.  Thank you seems so simple because if we could think of greater words we would be throwing them out daily to you.

We are so grateful for all that is ahead of us.  We know that the journey of parenthood will hold struggles, joy, excitement, and frustration…. but man are we ready to embrace all of it.  It is my prayer though that we never forget this waiting period.  That we hold close all it brought ot us and taught to us.

We love you friend and family.  From the deepest parts of our hearts’…THANK YOU!!!!


jumping off


AND WE’RE OFF! We have official confirmation from the US Embassy in Addis that we have our final Embassy interview and pickup date! It’s Thursday the 29th! Meaning we are leaving Monday, routing through Dubai, arriving Wednesday…then off again on Saturday, home by Sunday, children in hand!

So now we’re packing like mad and doing all of our final preparation for travel and to make sure the house is ready to bring two boys home! We are booking last minute tickets, finalizing travel arrangements, getting time off of work…BUSY WEEK!

Please pray for us as we make all of our travel arrangements and that we get to Ethiopia safely, especially with all the global turmoil we have going on right now. Pray that our Embassy interview goes well (which is more of a formality right now), and then for us as a family as we have a terribly long journey home (a one and a three year old on a 15 hour international flight? yikes!).

More updates to come! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

-Dave & Mica


IT’S ALMOST GO TIME PEOPLE! Thank you all so much for following our journey thus far…we can’t thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers, and for those of you who were so generous to be part of our fundraising! We are really almost there.

We received word from the US Embassy yesterday that the interviews and background checks are done and that we can expect an e-mail from the Embassy AT ANY TIME! So we were praying for today, but that didn’t happen. But it could be anytime next week! From there, we will get a pick up day for them! It could be the next week, or a couple after that. It depends what is available.  But it’s going to be SOON!

So please pray we hear from the Embassy soon, and we can get a favorable pick up day! We are going to be packing and doing the final preparations like crazy! We can’t wait to bring them home!

-Dave & Mica


Happy One Year Birthday to Levi! He is celebrating one year (not doing much since Ethiopian culture doesn’t really emphasize birthdays) in the orphanage. We are very happy he seems to be doing well and still happy and growing at the orphanage! But our hearts do break knowing that he’s not celebrating one year old with us.  Please pray with us that the US Embassy will give us the final approval and a pick up date so we can bring our boys home!