IMG_0426 Notes 9.10.12

Our kids get to grow up in the most culturally diverse family I know…They get American culture, Chinese culture, and Ethiopian culture. I visited my grandmother last weekend and she told us their names in Cantonese and also wrote out their names in Chinese characters (shown above – next to bamboo drawings she made) (She’s really good at calligraphy).  While we were in Ethiopia we went to a Korean restaurant, and Asher grabbed a pair of chop sticks (having never seen them before in his life) as soon as he saw me doing it and started eating with them.  I loved it; I just thought, “Yup, that’s my boy.”


Asher Tan= American Name

Gebretsadik = Amharic Name

Chun A’chi = Cantonese Name


Levi Tan = American Name

Mezekr = Amharic Name

Chun Lee Mae =Cantonese Name


I just think that’s so amazing.  Asher and Levi will doubtlessly be confused at times, but I hope and pray the ability to draw from so many cultures will be a blessing, rather than a curse overall. I think it’s pretty awesome.  Without a doubt there will be struggles, identity issues, and confusion, but oh boy, will they ever be unique!  Imagine what perspectives and point of views they will have as adults.  Plus, I am enjoying trail blazing multicultural/multi-ethnic families. It’s a cool little mini-picture of the Kingdom of God in our family 🙂