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So our friends in Ethiopia got to visit Asher and Levi earlier this week, and sent us some pictures ! It makes our hearts happy to see that they are still doing well in the orphanage!

In other news we are entering the final stages of our adoption! With much prayer, we hope to have them home soon! Our adoption case has been submitted to the US Embassy for final investigation and final approval! Ethiopia and our adoption agency are done with all the paperwork; now it’s in the US Embassy’s hand.

We are hoping for a message from the US Embassy in the next few days to confirm our case is under review. There should not be any irregularities or suspicions or errors so we are praying hard it goes through without a hitch! After the US Embassy is done reviewing/investigating, we will get the approval to go pick them up and bring them home!!

We hope to hear from the US Embassy in 2 to 4 weeks to give us a travel date to go pick our boys up!

We will update you as we find out!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and your support through this process!

-Dave & Mica