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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hello friends and family!
We begin our travel to Ethiopia Tuesday morning! We have a quick stop in Dubai and then we are off to Addis Ababa to meet our two boys!!!  After this court date and meeting them, we have to come back in several months to actually pick them up, because we have to wait for paperwork to go through, so please pray it will be a short wait til the return trip to pick them up!!
In addition to being super excited to meet the two new additions to the Tan Fam, Mica is excited to see all of her old friends in Ethiopia, and Dave is looking forward to being in Ethiopia for the first time and seeing the sights and sounds first hand!
We have our court date on Friday the 14th, and after that we expect to wait til August to hear back about our pick up date, hopefully in late August.
Here is what we can use prayer for!
1. Safe travels and no sickness! We have a 15 hour flight to Dubai, then 5 hours to Ethiopia. We’re hoping neither of us gets altitude sickness in Addis Ababa, because it’s 9000 ft high.
2. A smooth day in court, with no problems, no paperwork errors, and everything would go well and we can move along in the process to bring them home!
3. Prayer for us as we get to BE A FAMILY for the first time! Pray we can bond well as a family and start the whole process.
Thank you all so much for your love and support, and your prayers!!!
Dave & Mica