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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hello again family and friends!

We want to say first how thankful we are for all of your prayer and support through this process! Now it finally speeds up! We just received word that we have a court appearance date in Ethiopia on June 14th!!

That means we will appear before an Ethiopian court and they will rule that we can adopt from Ethiopia! Shortly thereafter we can get a pickup date to travel AGAIN to Ethiopia in 4-8 weeks to bring them home!

We are SO excited to be able to meet the two boys! We can go to the orphanage and play with them, take pictures and videos, and when we get back we can actually legally share those pictures with all of you!

So we have a CRAZY two weeks ahead of us as we plan to travel to Ethiopia! Please pray for us as we prepare!!

Thank you all so much!

-Dave & Mica


Hello friends and family!

Thank you so much for joining with us in prayer for a court date to come! We ask for you to continue in prayer as we wait. So here is what happened:

Monday apparently the birth parent court appearance went off without a problem. The judge did not issue us a court date to come travel that day or the day after, like we were hoping. It could come anytime…tomorrow…a month later…so PLEASE do join with us in prayer that we can hear tomorrow!

Our adoption agency said the e-mail servers and cell servers are down so they couldn’t reach their in country Ethiopian team…so perhaps we have good news waiting for us? We really don’t know.

We will update as soon as we have news…for now…we wait…

– Dave & Mica

May 27th the birth parent who relinquished the boys because he was unable to care for them after their mother died has a court date with Ethiopia, to confirm that they are in fact orphans. After that, we will hear in one to four weeks that we have a travel date for court, and that travel date will be one to eight weeks later.  That is our court date to go before the Ethiopian court to petition to adopt the boys.
After our court date we will be approved to go pick them up in four to eight more weeks!! If all goes well we should have them as early as mid-summer, late as early fall.
So at BEST, which is what we are praying for, the judge will tell us the next day to come in a week. At the longest, which we hope not, the judge will tell is one month after the 27th, to come a month later.
For a while we were very discouraged to experience many delays, with paperwork mistakes, court shut downs, agency licensing renewals…MANY things that caused us months of delays. However, thank God, we’re at the end of the delays. Things should be moving quickly now that we have entered court.
After our court date we are going to be able to finally post pictures of our boys! We’re excited for everyone else to see Asher (3-4-ish years old) and Levi (9 months) old.
It has been such a wild ride, and we want to thank you all so much for your prayers and support! It’s still going to be quite an adventure, with short notices and no predictability, so we would greatly appreciate you’re continued prayers and support for us and our new family!
So here are some prayers:
– The birth parent court date would go well and be approved May 27th
– We would have a FAST court date for us scheduled and we can travel in June!
– There would be no barriers to keep us from our kids – no paperwork errors, no court closures, no random delays!
– That our boys would continue to grow and they can be healthy!