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Monthly Archives: November 2012

We’ve got a referral!  The very same day that our dossier was received by our new adoption agency, we got a referral call from the agency! We were completely shocked, and wonderfully surprised! Through this referral we became distinctly aware of why God had us wait until this moment for these precious kiddos.In our eyes they could not be more perfect.

We accepted two biological brothers, ages three years and two months!  We have chosen to give them American names of Asher (for the three year old) and Levi (for the 2 month old).  These names have significant meanings (which is very important in Ethiopian culture), and have roots in the bible, which we LOVE.

We officially accepted the referral and we are expecting to get a court date in the next several weeks to go to Ethiopia in February-ish. Mica is anxiously awaiting traveling back to her “second home” and seeing all of her friends and co-workers as we meet our children.  Dave is excited to see Ethiopia for the first time as we venture to meet our newest bundles of love. After our court date, we will return home for a few months before going to pick them up for good!

It has been SUCH a roller coaster of change. We went from waiting two years, to waiting four years, to changing agencies and waiting one year…and now we get to pick our children up this spring!  It’s been a wild ride but we wouldn’t change a thing. It has only built our confidence in the fact that God’s timing is perfect and our dreams are far less amazing than the ones God has picked out for us.

A million emotions run through us as we await doubling our family! We have longed for these children before we knew their names and before we ever saw their most precious faces.  God is an incredible artist and he has crafted the cutest two little boys we have ever seen.   As we reflect on our journey up until now, and look ahead at the journey that is in front of us, our hearts are full of gratitude and resounding PEACE.  We cannot wait for all God has in store!

PLEASE continue to join with us in prayer as we still have a journey and roller coaster ahead of us, and feel free to share encouragement, and tips as we continue on this journey.  We are so grateful that you are sharing in this with us!  We love you all so much!

Mica and Dave