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Monthly Archives: October 2012

This past month in our adoption story has been nothing short of CRAZY!!!!  At one point in the last few weeks we were told it could now take nearly four more years to get our child or children from Ethiopia.  There is a massive slow down in adoptions in the Southern part of Ethiopia.  This news was SHOCKING to us and we felt very unsettled.   Some friends of ours that are also adopting were moving along in their process and with their agency.  Their agency is working in a different area in Ethiopia with more referrals to make. Through God keeping us connected with them we were able to inquire about making an agency change.  With God’s perfect timing, and amazing provisions we were able to switch agencies, and take all of our paperwork along with us with very little cost to us for switching. 

 Within one week we got the blessing of our current agency, accepted by the second agency, and back on track to receive two sweet little ones within the next 8 months or so.  We even got assigned the same caseworker as our friends which was the icing on our very awesome cake J

 It has been a whirlwind time for us to say the least.  Our original agency told us they were two days away from sending one of the final forms which would have had us locked in and unable to make the move.  We had been frustrated about one of our forms that took us four times of redoing to get it right; however we see now had that one form not have been delayed so many times we would not be where we are right now.

 God’s timing is perfect and amazing and we are nothing short of amazed by the way HE works.  Thinking that this summer we can have our two sweet angels brings me to tears everyday.  We love these kids even though we don’t know them yet.  We ache to know them and love them.  We are grateful to serve a God who loves to make our story interesting, unique and perfect.

 We covet your prayers, encouragement, and that you are willing to ride this crazy ride with us as we journey through this adoption!

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We are SOOOO excited for all that is to come!